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Love Hina Christmas Special
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 07/27/2003

Christmas is in the air. Rumor has it that if you confess your love on Christmas eve, your wish would come true. Everyone is rooting for Keitaro and Naru, but will these two finally get around to admitting how they feel about each other?
I had originally incorporated the Love Hina Christmas Special in my Love Hina TV series review as the 26th episode, but since it had been released separately I've had numerous requests to review it on its own. Love Hina Christmas Special serves as a conclusion of sorts, wrapping the series up while at the same time maintaining an open-ended air about it.
Thw whole Hinata Sou gang is excited about Christmas Eve, more so when they find a gift inside Naru's closet with the word "love" on the note. Everyone assumes it's for Keitaro... and try as they may to keep their discovery a secret, Keitaro eventually hears about it. Keitaro gets so excited that he injures himself. He then decides to tell Naru exactly how he feels, but Naru's reaction to his impromptu confession isn't exactly what he expected. What follows is an extended chase sequence for Keitaro and Naru, one going after the other through a series of misunderstandings and relayed messages.
Love Hina Christmas Special maintains the series' generally light-hearted feel while infusing more emotion and significance to the plot and the characters. There's genuine concern for the two main protagonists, with everyone putting aside their own feelings in order to give way for what they believe is best. Naru's bull-headedness gets frustrating but it's actually not that bad in this installment.
Love Hina Christmas Special sports the clean and cute style of the TV series in terms of visuals, but I somehow got the impression that the overall effect was softer compared to all the other Love Hina episodes I've seen. I also enjoyed the extra New Year scenes that were incorporated into the ending credits.
Overall, Love Hina Christmas Special is a must-see if you've been following the series. I was actually content with the ending, even if it's not as solid as some would have liked.
Manga author Ken Akamatsu makes a surprise appearance in this special, and the DVD contains the bonus 25th episode about Motoko and her sister.

Love Hina Christmas Special
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Review Title:
Love Hina Christmas Special
45 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
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