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Love Hina Again
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 10/07/2002

Keitaro and Naru have made it to Tokyo U at last. But an over-excited Keitaro rubs Naru the wrong way, resulting in injuries that would keep Keitaro out of school for the next couple of months. Thus Keitaro decides to go off on an archaeological expedition with Seta-san, and no one knows when he's coming back. Enter Kanako, a mysterious and reserved girl who's supposed to be Keitaro's little sister. Kanako claims that she's the one Keitaro made the Tokyo U promise to some years back, and she's going to do everything to make sure her and Keitaro end up together forever.
Love Hina Again is a 3-episode OAV series which takes place right after the "Love Hina Spring Special". Keitaro's little sister Kanako is introduced, adding to the list of girls who are interested in Keitaro. Incestuous? Not really, because Kanako and Keitaro are not related by blood.
Now for those who've watched the TV series and Spring Special, it's common knowledge that Keitaro and Naru have something going on. Yet in Love Hina Again, Naru remains unable to admit her true feelings. This frustrates the hell out of everybody (myself included), but no matter what anyone says or does, Naru can't bring herself to say she loves him. However, things start to change with the arrival of Kanako -- who wastes no time in doing everything she can (including seducing him by wearing a variety of sexy outfits) to make Keitaro hers. Naru doesn't like it, but still stubbornly denies her feelings for him. I came really, really close to hating Naru in this series. She's bull-headed around 80% of the time and at certain points I had the irresistible urge to slap her repeatedly till she came to her senses. She continuously mistreats Keitaro and yet she can't stand it when other girls make their advances.
The art and animation are superb. As usual we have the attractive character designs, crisp and vibrant scenes... Love Hina Again is just perfect visually speaking. Fan service consists mostly of boob and panty shots. There are also some mature situations to contend with, albeit there is no outright nudity and sex.
Love Hina Again isn't bad, but I found it markedly less enjoyable compared to the TV series. For starters, there is way too much focus on fan service. I couldn't help but feel that plot and characterization had taken a backseat to an excessive show of boobs, butts, legs, and panties. The TV series' trademark humor was also nowhere to be found. At least the ending was pretty happy...
Love Hina Again is made up of three half-hour episodes.

Love Hina Again
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Review Title:
Love Hina Again
90 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Comedy, Drama, Romance
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