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Legend of Lemnear
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 08/28/2002

Lemnear is a female warrior who is out to slay the evil sorcerer Gardein. Gardein massacred Lemnear's family and practically everyone in her hometown several years back and Lemnear is determined not to let him get away with it. Lemnear is no ordinary girl however, for she is the legendary Champion of Silver... destined to end the reign of darkness and chaos.
Ever since a friend of mine gave me a CD-ROM full of Lemnear artwork, I've wanted to watch Legend of Lemnear. Thanks to Central Park Media's twin pack promotion, I was finally able to to go for it.
Legend of Lemnear is a 45-minute anime feature about a sexy silver-haired young woman named Lemnear. Now Lemnear is a warrior whose sole purpose is to exact revenge for the death of her parents, which was caused by the sorcerer Gardein's assault on her hometown some years ago. But as Lemnear journeys forth, she learns that fate has bigger plans for her as the Champion of Silver. Thus Lemnear fights her way to the big boss, where some surprises await. While the plot is pretty straightforward, I couldn't help but feel I wasn't getting the whole picture -- which leads me to believe that this is probably another case of animating just a portion of an extensive manga series. Watching Lemnear can be likened to playing through a single demo level of an action game which abruptly ends after you fight the boss.
The art and animation are surprisingly good despite the fact that this title was originally released in 1989. Exceptional character designs and impressive action sequences dominate the series. I was taken aback by the unexpectedly generous amounts of blood and gore. Legend of Lemnear also provides fan service in the form of upper body nudity, panty shots, and sexually suggestive scenes. It helps that Lemnear gallivants about in a skimpy bra top and tiny bikini, which left me wondering what kind of protection she's going to get from those. The English dubbing was done quite nicely, but I was irked by the omission of the original Japanese seiyuu in the end credits roll of the DVD version.
All in all, Legend of Lemnear is a pretty standard one-shot action title. It's kind of predictable and it does nothing new but I thought it was executed well enough -- albeit more detailed background information and characterization would have made it a world better.
DVD extras include a manga advertisement, some character clips, and several Central Park Media trailers.

Legend of Lemnear
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Review Title:
Legend of Lemnear
45 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Adventure, Fantasy
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