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Labyrinth Of Flames
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Galan is a guy who'd do just about anything to become a full-fledged samurai. Thus, when his pretty schoolmate Natsu gives him a real Japanese sword, Galan is ecstatic beyond belief. But what Galan doesn't know is that Natsu is the princess of an ancient Japanese clan, and the sword she gave him is the family treasure -- to be bestowed only on the man she is to marry. So many strings attached, and Galan is totally clueless about everything!
Labyrinth of Flames is an action comedy feature from the creator of "Project A-ko" and "Agent Aika", which would most definitely assure you of panty shots and plunging necklines galore. This time however, a guy named Galan is the main character instead of the usual leggy / beautiful / cute girl.
Galan is a bumbling samurai wannabe who devotes his time to watching samurai flicks and practicing his so-called sword techniques. Now for some reason, his pretty schoolmate Natsu (a.k.a. Princess Natsu of the Aoi clan) has chosen him to be her fiance. Natsu promises to show Galan many more genuine Japanese swords if he goes home with her, and Galan agrees in a jiffy. Unknown to Galan however, Natsu's real plan is to introduce him to her family as her husband-to-be. But Natsu already has a fiance picked out by her father... so you can just guess what kind of chaos ensues when Galan and Natsu go home together with Galan bearing the Aoi family's treasured sword.
While Labyrinth of Flames is quite entertaining, I did not find the bloody slapstick routines funny. Was I supposed to laugh whenever Galan would try and execute a flying slash and then have his head crash through the ceiling while bleeding profusely? Or when Natsu's bodyguard Kasumi would fall flat on her face and bleed puddles on the floor? Don't get me wrong. The blood in this anime is nowhere like the type you'd see in serious samurai / ninja titles such as "Ninja Scroll". Bleeding is portrayed in a comical manner, much like how humorous anime characters would cry rivers of tears in an exaggerated fashion.
The art and animation are very good, with attractive character designs, detailed backgrounds, and fluid action scenes. While fan service consists of bouncing boobs in skimpy tops and various panty shots, the ending (ED) sequences feature all the female characters in different levels of undress.
Labyrinth of Flames is altogether watchable, but I generally prefer comedies with more wit (translation: I hate dumb slapstick routines)... but then that's just me.
This OAV series is composed of only two episodes.

Labyrinth Of Flames
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Review Title:
Labyrinth Of Flames
Alternative Titles:
Honoo no Labyrinth
66 Minutes
General Rating:
3.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi,
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