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Kimagure Orange Road (OVA)
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 06/20/2000

Kyosuke is your typical high school boy. He comes from a family endowed with various psychic abilities. He also can't make up his mind between two girls. Oh, he's ordinary all right. For Kyosuke, there's the beautiful and mysterious Madoka, but there's also the cute and vivacious Hikaru. The problem is, Madoka and Hikaru are best friends, and both of them have feelings for Kyosuke too! Hikaru lets everyone know how much she likes Kyosuke, while Madoka hides her sentiments. To top it all off, Kyosuke is always getting in trouble because of his teleportation powers. So who's going to be the lucky lady? Kyosuke will have to make a choice soon.
Kimagure Orange Road is widely considered a classic in anime fandom, and most deservedly so. While by no means perfect, there's a certain magic Kimagure Orange Road has that few anime of this genre can capture. Everything is done with just the right touch. There are funny as well as touching moments, and a believable setting where we can identify with and relate to the characters is created.
Kimagure Orange Road is mainly about the romantic misadventures of Kyosuke, who's in the middle of a rather complicated love triangle. Two girls (Hikaru and Madoka) like him, and those two girls are the best of friends! Hikaru has no qualms about letting Kyosuke know how she feels to the point of being outrightly pushy, while Madoka prefers to stay in the background. Even though Kyosuke can't seem to make up his mind, who he likes more becomes fairly obvious as the series progresses. All sorts of funny stuff erupt as a result of Kyosuke's situation, yet everything culminates in a very serious and poignant resolution.
Kimagure Orange Road possesses a nostalgic air about it. From the sepia-toned introductory sequences to the way the story unfolds, this series can be likened to a wistful trip down memory lane. A couple of episodes lag a little in terms of pace but they don't really present a major problem. The art and animation are quite good although somewhat dated-looking. Another great thing about Kimagure Orange Road is the closure you get after watching the series. There's even an epilogue of sorts in the New Kimagure Orange Road, which shows us what happens to the characters several years after.
At last, a love triangle that won't leave you hanging.
There is a Kimagure Orange Road TV series which chronicles the events before this OAV, as well as a New Kimagure Orange Road which shows us what happens after this.

Kimagure Orange Road (OVA)
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Review Title:
Kimagure Orange Road (OVA)
200 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Comedy, Drama, Magic,
Romance, School
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