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Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 06/08/2002

Once a month, a door behind the full moon opens. This door serves as a portal between the human world and the magical world. Now it just so happens that on one such night, Lime and Bass are in hot pursuit of a demon who had stolen six power gems from the magical world. The demon escapes to the human world through the open door, and the two follow. While Bass eventually succeeds in destroying the demon, the gems are accidentally scattered throughout Japan... much to Lime's dismay. Since the gems can turn into monsters, Lime and Bass have to find them before they harm humans.
If Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo (of "Ranma 1/2") had magic powers and decided to go chase demons, Jewel BEM Hunter Lime would pretty much be the result.
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime is about Lime and Bass' quest to retrieve the six magical gems that they lost during their battle with a demonic thief. That's it. Every episode features one gem-turned-monster. A gem would give life to an everyday item, and that item would go about making mischief in the human world until Lime and Bass stop it. To give you a clearer idea, in the first episode, one of the gems possesses a candle. The candle is infuriated because it would seem that human beings have no need for it anymore, now that they have electricity. Thus, the candle goes around town causing power failures and spewing wax on people for revenge. Lime and Bass eventually go after a coin purse and a needle in the second and third episodes respectively. The so-called monsters are cute and non-threatening, and calling them monsters is actually an exaggeration.
But if it's one gem per episode, why are there only three episodes? Simple. Jewel BEM Hunter Lime falls into the ranks of "Ninja Cadets" and "Elf Princess Rane" -- in the marginally-above-average and unfinished works category. You know there's supposed to be more, but none follows. I honestly don't know why US anime companies even bother picking up half-baked works like these.
The art and animation are pretty okay, employing a similar visual style to the Ranma movies. The character designs are very banal. Bass is like a lecherous and long-eared version of Ranma Saotome, while Lime possesses pin-up girl looks and the temperament of Akane Tendo. Lime also has this cutesy pet sidekick named Poogie, who conveniently transforms into a wide variety of objects. The English dubbing is okay. Dialogues come across clearly, and I had no problems with the acting.
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime is rather amusing and entertaining, but it's really nothing special. It doesn't have an ending to boot... not that it'd leave you craving for one.
The Jewel Hunter Lime BEM DVD contain all three episodes.

Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
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Review Title:
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
Alternative Titles:
Houma Hunter Lime
90 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Agent Aika
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2. Initial D: Second Stage
3. Virgin Fleet
4. Yu Yu Hakusho: The Golden Seal
5. Samurai Shodown The Motion Picture