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Irresponsible Captain Tylor (OVA)
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 06/18/2003

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAVs are divided into three volumes:
  • Volume 1: "An Exceptional Episode" - Six months have passed after the Raalgon War. This time though, the Raalgon have devised an extremely powerful weapon which is threatening to wipe out the UPSF. Tylor is assigned to undertake a secret mission which could turn the tide for the UPSF...
  • Volume 2: "Side Story Collection" - A brief respite from the war gives the Soyokaze crew members, and even the Raalgon empress Azalyn, some time to focus on other things...
  • Volume 3: "From Here to Eternity" - It seems that a full-scale war is inevitable for both sides, but a mysterious third party seems to be pulling the strings for both the UPSF and the Raalgon Empire...
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAV series follows the events that had transpired in the TV series. Needless to say, you must have watched the TV series in order to understand and appreciate everything that happens here.

In the first volume "An Exceptional Episode", Tylor accepts a secret mission from Admiral Mifune... only to disregard it and do as he sees fit when the time finally comes. Tylor tries his best to establish peace with the Raalgon by requesting a rendezvous with Azalyn -- with mixed results. "An Exceptional Episode" possesses a somber mood that is not at all characteristic of the Tylor series, although brief moments of humor serve to alleviate it. What I can't accept is how Tylor came to the conclusion of who he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with. It just didn't compute, and I can't even begin to imagine what kind of couple he and she would make. I'm not going to name names as not to spoil the fun though.

The second volume, "Side Story Collection", is comprised of short stories that focus on specific characters. There's one about Azalyn and her childhood friend. He has amnesia and she's torn if she should help him remember his past or not, because there's a possibility they would become enemies if his memory comes back. Andressen, Kojiro, Tylor and Yuriko, and Lt. Yamamoto also get their own little adventures. The fighting machine Andressen's friend from long ago designed goes berserk and he takes it upon himself to stop it. Kojiro gives an arrogant colleague a valuable lesson on what it takes to be a pilot in actual battle. Yuriko gives in to her feelings and asks Tylor to join her for Christmas Eve. Lt. Yamamoto is assigned to escort duty and gets attacked by a mysterious meteor storm, which in turn puts his career on the line. Mostly random stuff, except for that episode with Lt. Yamamoto, which serves as the prequel to the third volume. I felt that the side stories served very little purpose. All they did was fill up the series and show us what we already know about the characters.

The last volume, "From Here to Eternity", picks up where the last side story concerning Lt. Yamamoto leaves off. The UPSF and the Raalgon are on the verge of an all-out war, but it seems as if someone else is actually causing trouble for both parties. It's up to Capt. Tylor and Capt. Dom to figure it out before the two sides end up destroying each other. Of all the OAV volumes, this is perhaps the most serious in tone. There isn't any funny stuff, not even from Tylor himself. Things were interesting enough that I actually wanted to see how the series would end. The bad news is, there is no clear ending. The main conflict of the story is resolved, but we don't see what happens thereafter. The Soyokaze crew flies off to do the right thing, and we'll never know how that turns out... unless they come up with another follow-up series.

The art and animation show a vast improvement over the TV series. Everything looks so much crisper, vibrant, and detailed, although character designs remain basically the same. More emphasis is also given to music this time. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAV series is above average overall, even if the pace did tend to drag at times. I just wish there was more closure than what was provided.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAV series spans 3 DVD volumes.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor (OVA)
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Review Title:
Irresponsible Captain Tylor (OVA)
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Musekinin Kanchou Tylor OVA
380 Minutes
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3.5 out of 5 stars
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Adventure, Comedy, Drama,
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