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Hand Maid May
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Nanbara has always been jealous of Kazuya. Kazuya outdoes him in just about everything, and Nanbara can't take it anymore. To get revenge, Nanbara comes up with a computer virus and puts it in a disc. He gives the disc to Kazuya and tells him that there's a surprise inside it. Instead of getting his PC infected however, Kazuya succeeds in cracking Nanbara's disc and ends up ordering a Cyber Doll from a mysterious website. After a few minutes, a package is delivered to Kazuya... containing a 12-inch android wearing a maid's uniform! She is Cyber Doll May, and she's going to help out Kazuya in whatever way she can! But can Kazuya foot the 1,450,000 yen bill? If Kazuya can't pay, May can't stay...
Think "Love Hina" meets "Buttobi CPU" (minus the hentai).
Hand Maid May is about a shy computer whiz named Kazuya. Thanks to his enemy-friend Nanbara, Kazuya's PC is about to get contaminated with a virus. But the tables turn when Kazuya cracks Nanbara's program, and gains access to the mysterious Cyber Dyne Company's site. Kazuya ends up ordering the 12-inch (1/6 scale) cutie Cyber Doll May, a darling android maid who can do a variety of things -- including changing the TV channel without a remote control! But Kazuya can't afford to pay the humongous bill, and soon the company starts sending out other cyber dolls to retrieve May from Kazuya.
One cyber doll after another is sent to get May, but they all end up liking Kazuya so much that they all decide to stay with (or near) Kazuya... never quite carrying out their objective. There's little Rena, who cries up a storm if she doesn't get her way; Sala, the ramen addict who averages 30 bowls in one sitting; and Kei, the super cyber doll with unparalleled analytical and data processing skills. Add the maternal cyber doll Mami sent to take care of Kazuya, the landlady's feisty teenage daughter Kasumi and we've got ourselves quite a Tenchi Muyo / Love Hina-esque situation where all the girls (with the exception of Mami-chan) are taken with the lone hero Kazuya.
It's not all comedy though, as a crisis strikes towards the end of the series... putting all the cyber dolls' lives on the line and forcing both Kazuya and May to make some pretty tough choices. I found the conclusion satisfactory, and a special epilogue episode is even thrown in for good measure afterwards.
The art and animation are excellent. Exceptionally crisp, vibrant visuals and beautiful character designs make up the whole series. I should also mention that there's a bit of fan service in the form of panty and bouncing boob (with clothes!) shots. I can't comment on the English dub though because I got the official region 3 DVDs by Odex, and it only had the original Japanese audio track with a choice English, Malay, or Chinese subtitles. Interestingly enough, Maria Yamamoto (who sang one of my fave anime songs "Venus to Chisana Kamisama", ending theme of Niea Under 7) is the voice of May.
Hand Maid May is cute, funny, touching, and even a bit romantic. Definitely one of the most fun series I've come across in recent times.
This series spans a total of 11 episodes.

Hand Maid May
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Review Title:
Hand Maid May
200 Minutes
General Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
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Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
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