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Golden Boy
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 10/19/2001

Golden Boy chronicles the (mis)adventures of 25-year old Kintaro Oe, who travels the world on his trusty bicycle to learn new things. Kintaro makes it a point to try out different jobs and meet lots of beautiful ladies at the same time...
  • Volume 1: "Computer Studies" - Having been accepted for a job in a software company, Kintaro just can't wait to get started! Of course, the fact that the company is staffed entirely by beautiful women is a big plus. But the sexy CEO is doubtful of Kintaro's skills, and so he gets reduced to doing janitorial work... can Kintaro prove that he's capable of greater things?
  • Volume 2: "Temptation of the Maiden" - This time, Kintaro's working in the political campaign of a wealthy businessman. But the boss' lovely daughter has her eye on Kintaro, and she promptly takes him on as a tutor. Can Kintaro resist her advances and prove that he is different from other men?
  • Volume 3: "Danger! The Virgin's First Love" - Kintaro decides to help out in a small noodle shop when the owner gets injured in an accident. But amidst learning how to make the perfect bowl of noodles, Kintaro discovers an underhanded scheme which involves seducing the owner's innocent daughter... our Golden Boy simply can't allow that to happen!
  • Volume 4: "Swimming in the Sea of Love" - Kintaro is captivated by a mysterious woman, who turns out to be the head coach of a local swimming center. Kintaro wastes no time in applying for a job there, but the problem is... he can't even swim! What's more, Kintaro challenges the head coach to a winner-take-all race after one month...
  • Volume 5: "B@lls to the Wall!" - An ultra-hot biker babe catches Kintaro's fancy this time around. The problem is, she hates men... and sincerely believes that men can never measure up to her beloved motorbike! Kintaro is going to have to prove otherwise....
  • Volume 6: "Animation is Fun" - Kintaro's now working as a production assistant (a.k.a. errand boy) in an animation studio! However, things aren't going so well and it looks as if they are going to miss a crucial deadline. With the help of some unexpected reinforcements, Kintaro might just be able to save the day... and the studio!
Golden Boy is a favorite amongst my male friends, and I actually got to watch it because one of them lent me the whole set.

Golden Boy is all about a free-spirited lad named Kintaro. Kintaro goes from place to place, taking on a wide variety of temporary jobs all for the sake of learning. He writes and sketches everything he picks up in his notebook, which is his most precious possession. While Kintaro may strike one as a bit of a pervert, he's actually not a bad person. He's perpetually attracted to sexy and beautiful women... but then what normal guy isn't? What makes Kintaro a very likeable character is his heart of gold. You can always rely on him to do what's best for everybody, even if his methods aren't the most conventional. As a result, he affects the lives of everyone he meets in a positive way.

Each volume consists of one episode, and each episode presents an amusing tale between Kintaro and one main girl. There's a lesson to be learned at the end of every ep, which nicely evens out whatever pervy content it has. The volumes can stand on their own, so you can simply watch one and not feel like something is missing. But in order to make the most of the sixth and final volume, it would be best to have watched the previous five. I love the way everything (and everyone) comes together in the last volume. Things are tied up nicely and yet there is room for future Golden Boy installations should they decide to make more.

The art and animation are very good. Kintaro looks kinda cute, and all the ladies that cross his path are simply gorgeous. Details are not skimped on either -- from Kintaro's bike to his notebook to the other things you see in the scene. Golden Boy features a whole lot of fan service (think boobs and panties), but it doesn't quite reach the level of hentai anime. The English dubbing would have been okay had they used a different voice actor for Kintaro. As it is, Kintaro's dub voice sounds like it was done by a stuffy-nosed guy who has watched one too many "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" movies. I was half-expecting him to blurt out "dude", "awesome", and/or "totally radical" at some point. The fact that he practically screams majority of his lines doesn't help either. Fortunately, they left the original songs and music alone... so I was able to enjoy the extra cute and catchy ending theme. Overall, Golden Boy is an enjoyable romp. It's sexy (but not hentai), uncomplicated (but rather meaningful), and lots of fun...!

All the episodes of Golden Boy are in one DVD.

Golden Boy
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Review Title:
Golden Boy
180 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi
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