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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 04/19/2002

Five cute girls (namely Yuka, Maki, Takami, Eiko, and Yu) and one rather average guy (Taba) make up Kagura Total Security Co. Inc., which specializes in hunting down vicious phantom cats and dealing with other strange phenomena. As long as the price is right, Kagura will take on any job. When Taba's pet phantom cat is kidnapped, Kagura gets right on the case... but just because Taba is their very own employee doesn't mean the service is going to be free!
Geobreeders is something of a cross between "Burn-Up W" and "Phantom Quest Corporation". The all-girl one-guy team, fighting, fan service, and the fact that Kagura is a struggling anti-supernatural phenomena company all make it so.
It's very hard to effectively summarize Geobreeders' plot. In the first episode, we are thrown right into the middle of a confusing situation. Someone hires Kagura Total Security to do something, and in the next scene we see the gang storming off somewhere -- only to be intimidated by a huge tank with numerous phantom cats on board. A bit later, Kagura's chasing a certain phantom cat wreaking havoc in a building... and I still had no idea why what's happening was happening. In the succeeding episodes, Taba's pet phantom cat Maya gets kidnapped, and Kagura concentrates its efforts on finding her.
Just about the only unique concept in this anime is the phantom cats, and they aren't explained very well at that. All I know is that they can morph into humans and they have superhuman strength, reflexes, plus other powers and abilities. Phantom cats seem rather commonplace in the Geobreeders setting, but there is no background information provided... so you don't know how they came into being and what their real purpose in the story is.
The visuals are exceptional. Character designs are attractive, objects are drawn with much detail, and backgrounds are rendered nicely. While some scenes include scantily-clad girls and incidental breast exposure, Geobreeders is far from being anything erotic. Action and violence are portrayed without blood and gore. The English dubbing is okay as well.
I have mixed feelings about Geobreeders. The plot is chaotic and somewhat unintelligible. Even after watching all three eps, I was still quite clueless. There's a smattering of humorous moments, but nothing is laugh-out-loud funny. However, the production values are rather high -- you get great art, animation, and music. It's not some cheapo show you'd casually dismiss, but it won't leave you craving for more either. With just about an equal amount of pros and cons, Geobreeders surpasses an average rating only by a hair.
The Geobreeders DVD contains 3 episodes.

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Geobreeders: [File-X] Chibi Neko Dakkan
90 Minutes
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3 out of 5 stars
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Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural
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