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Fire Emblem
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 02/28/2003

Prince Mars wishes for nothing but to free the land of Akanea from evil forces. Together with his band of skilled warriors, Prince Mars rallies across the land... saving the innocent and defending the helpless.
Watching Fire Emblem is one of the most boring one hour stints I've ever had. Aside from being bland and generic, the series suffers from extremely poor storytelling.
In the opening, we see Prince Mars scrambling away from some enemies with a few other people -- most noticeably a dark-haired woman with magical powers. Now I don't know who this woman is but she teleports Prince Mars and company out of the enemy entrapment... but she is left behind to fend for herself. Prince Mars screams and then we find ourselves in the present day, after some uninteresting narration about the history of Akanea. This time, Prince Mars is hounded by a blue-haired girl whose name escapes me. It's weird but from here on the chronology of the events go haywire. We see flashbacks from Prince Mars' childhood and then move on to Prince Mars' heroic exploits across the land... but wasn't he just tossed aside by his father for being a sissy? The order of events is inconsistent and confusing -- I couldn't make heads or tails of the timeline I was supposed to follow. One minute Prince Mars is an ordinary teenage boy, the next minute he's a gallant hero fighting for justice. Oh and did the video cover mention a legendary sword? That's funny, because I don't seem to recall any fuss over any of the swords used in the series.
The art and animation are actually above average. The character designs are pretty striking and the fighting scenes are decent. In fact, the visual aspect is the only good thing about Fire Emblem... yet even then it's not all that great.
Fire Emblem is overall a waste of time, money, and effort. I didn't even take offense in the fact that there was no ending, because I really could not care less about what was going to happen next. And if ever there are any more episodes, they'd have to pay me to sit and watch them.
Fire Emblem is made up of only two episodes.

Fire Emblem
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Review Title:
Fire Emblem
60 Minutes
General Rating:
1.5 out of 5 stars
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Adventure, Fantasy
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