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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 03/30/2002

Dee Laytner and Randy "Ryo" McLane are a couple of New York detectives taking a break on the English countryside. Dee has more than rest and relaxation in mind however, for he hopes to finally score with his partner Ryo. But the duo's dream vacation may just turn into a nightmare when a dead body is found floating on the lake near the inn they're staying at...
Fake is an example of what is referred to as shounen ai / yaoi (boys' love). It is the second of only two such works released in the US so far, Kizuna being the first.
Fake features two good-looking homosexual males as its main characters -- Dee and Ryo. Dee is insanely attracted to Ryo, and will do just about anything to get him in bed. Ryo also likes Dee, but is a lot more subtle about his feelings. Our story begins with Dee and Ryo going on a trip to England for a much needed break. Things turn awry when a dead body is discovered near where the two are staying. Dee and Ryo later find out that people have been mysteriously disappearing in the area for some time now. Aside from Dee and Ryo, there's also Lt. Rose and JJ. Lt. Rose is the officer in charge of the investigation who seems quite taken with Ryo, while JJ is Dee and Ryo's colleague who's just crazy about Dee. A chockfull of shounen, definitely.
What impressed me about Fake was how Dee and Ryo's romance is portrayed. Everything is done tastefully, and will strike one as light, funny, and sweet -- which greatly contrasts with the seriousness and danger of the murder-mystery situation. And although this anime provides but a glimpse of a lengthy manga series, it does so without leaving the viewer confused.
The art and animation are above average. The shounen characters look good enough, but everyone else looks somewhat weird with their big, wide, and glassy eyes (particularly the kids and the girls). The backgrounds are all drawn very nicely though. I had no problems with the English dubbing as well.
Fake is altogether a well-balanced shounen ai / yaoi feature. A solid plot and well-fleshed out characters make it so much more than just a yaoi trip. Still, homophobes best steer clear.
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55 Minutes
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4 out of 5 stars
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Comedy, Mystery, Romance,
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