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Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 02/21/2007

The Sacred Book of the land of Eija has been rediscovered and with it the legends of a mysterious and all powerful ship of God. Now, Princess Crystal of Megaronia has set forth on a quest to recover the ship and its ultimate weaponry. All that stands between her and total domination of the world is a small group of piratical misfits.  Things are not as dire as they may appear though, for Elluri, one of the pirates is prophesied to destroy Megaronia with the power of the ship of God.  But will she be able to take control of the ship and fight against the technological might of Megaronia, or will she fail under the weight of her new found responsibility to save the world?

Ellcia plays itself out as one would expect from a "standard fare" fantasy title.  You have a group of evil people that are tying to expand their rule and take over the world, while on the flip side you have a prophecy that tells of a person that will destroy them, freeing the world from their tyranny.  So as you would expect, you have a meeting of good vs. evil, at which point our protagonist gains the power to fight against them and a few weak twists later, it ends.  Leaving you wondering if you were supposed to be able to predict where the show was going the entire time.  Its weak storyline and predictable plot are not the only problems plaguing Ellcia though. 

Its creators could not figure out which age group they were trying to target.  On one hand, we have a pirate ship full of little kids and one real adult, with a whole bunch of jokes and antics that would probably entertain someone around the age of 8.  On the other hand we have some rather graphic violence with countless people dying.  At the end of the day, this mix does not work at all and just ends up alienating each respective group.  I was looking forward to the violence in this “fantasy” title, but it just felt so out of place I couldn't even enjoy that. 

Another problem Ellcia has is through all 4 episodes I could not find a single character that I liked, anywhere.  All the main characters are incredibly annoying, everyone is being stupid and/or useless, and the villains have no real motives except for the sake of ruling the world. 

The animation was decent for the most part, but do not be fooled by the beautiful cover art, Ellcia was made in 1993 and it shows.  The art is rather dull and most of the characters are fairly ugly, Elluri included.  I don't know what they were thinking with some of the hair styles they choose either.  Elluri has a crazy two tone thing going on; another woman has a triple ponytail mullet.  Not attractive in the least, maybe unique, but certainly not in a good way.

The dub… well, it's there.  Some of the voices sound pretty good, but some are just so off it's a real pain to listen to them, do yourself a favor and watch it in Japanese.  The music is standard fare, nothing horrible, but nothing that will make you take note.

In the end Ellcia is alright, it does get better as the show progresses, but not bymuch.It's nothing new or great, but it's something and something's better than nothing, isn't it?   

At the end of Ellcia they take a look at the main characters 10-15 years in the future.  This seems to be one big excuse for putting in some fan service, since they couldn't really do it with the characters when they were so young.

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Gensou Jotan Ellcia
160 Minutes
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2.5 out of 5 stars
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Adventure, Fantasy
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