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Elf Princess Ren
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Go Takarada isn't anything like your average teenage guy. For one thing, he's totally obssessed with finding treasure. After trashing a local shrine one day, he finds a tiny elf princess named Rane. Now this excites Go to no end because according to some ancient text he read, an elf is the key to a great treasure. But another elf has appeared, and she's out to kill Rane!
Elf Princess Rane is a pretty bizarre anime. It's not really plot-driven, and it relies mainly on slapstick humor to keep things moving.
I surfed around a bit prior to watching this and most of the reviews are positive. I'm going against the grain here but I can't really say I liked Elf Princess Rane. Somehow, a full hour of characters scampering around, bickering and tripping over themselves is not my idea of a good watch. Half of the dialogues are utter nonsense. There's a language barrier between the elves and humans, and sometimes the elves end up saying silly stuff like "A taxi runs in my tummy delivering sheets with that look.". Think of it as when people trying to speak a foreign tongue use the wrong terms or intonations. There's also this guy named Zenshuin who loves talking cryptically, so that unauthorized people won't understand him (or something to that effect).
The main chunk of the humor is comprised of the weird dialogues, drastic changes in the characters' facial expressions, and exaggerated actions. The art and animation are okay -- a bit better than average, but nothing really special. I can't comment on the English dubbing because I got the subtitled version. The conclusion is equally strange. After the credits, some character appears and thanks you for buying the video. He also says that how much support (i.e. sales) Elf Princess Rane gets will determine if and when a third episode will be released. Some scenes from what's supposed to be episode 3 are then shown. Judging from the fact that up to now there are only two eps out, I guess sales aren't so good. Elf Princess Rane is not bad, and it does have some entertainment value. It's just that I'd rather blow my budget on something more worthwhile.
I can only wonder if any more eps of Elf Princess Rane are in existence... not that I'm really interested.

Elf Princess Ren
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Review Title:
Elf Princess Ren
Alternative Titles:
Yosei Hime Ren, Fairy Princess Ren
60 Minutes
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Older Children
Adventure, Comedy
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