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Dominion Tank Police
Reviewer: Jester 06/05/2001

It's the future. A huge bacteria cloud looms over the city. Crime is rampant, and the police are too wussy to do anything about it. Thus, the people create the Tank Police -- a super-elite anti-crime squad armed with mega-weaponry. Unfortunately, the mega-weaponry not only blows up criminals but half the city as well. But the Tank Police keep doing their job, despite the controversy. Enter Leona, a young motorcycle cop who is transferred to the Tank Police. This disrupts the fraternal squad because Leona isn't the cut-throat killer everyone else is. But this is just the beginning as the cyborg Puma sisters and Buaku make their appearance. Soon they're trying to steal urine for the government, with the Tank Police hot on their trail... blowing up just about everything in their path.

Think of this series as porn. Now take out a big chunk of the sex and nudity and replace it with lots of firepower and explosions. Now you've got Dominion Tank Police.

Dominion Tank Police's major downfall is shared by most anime I've seen -- lack of solid characterization. The closest Dominion Tank Police ever really gets to some real character development is in the head of the Tank Police -- Charles Britain. He's a complete psycho who just wants bad guys to be blown up... it doesn't matter if some or most of the city is blasted away with them. Leona does a little transforming over the series, albeit it's done pretty abruptly.  There's also a romantic subplot that couldn't be more sub if it tried, between her and one of the tank mechanics -- Al. The most we see of this romance is a couple scenes of Leona and Al either building or blowing up something together while Japanese love songs play in the background.

The plot is in there, and it's actually pretty good. If Dominion Tank Police had been done as one movie instead of four episodes, this bad boy could have been really awesome. But since it's an OAV series, it required at least one tank duel per ep. This really undermines a genuinely interesting (if not stomach-turning) plot. It would also seem that the people of the city do only three things: either they walk aimlessly down the street during tank chases, or they walk aimlessly around their jobs while important stuff happens, or they have sex. There are some kinds of blurry scenes that suggest orgies and the straight stuff you do at home, plus a myriad of symbolic objects. I counted, and on the average there are three per ep. Like I said, think of it as porn...

When watching an anime that uses a lot of English stuff, I always try to spot the problems. One of my favorite slip-ups in the animation is in Act 2, when the whole force goes after Buaku and the Pumas. There's a shot of Al and Leona in the garage -- see if you can spot what's wrong with the sign.

Dominion Tank Police
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Review Title:
Dominion Tank Police
160 Minutes
General Rating:
1.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Action, Comedy, Mecha,
Military, Sci-Fi
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