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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 09/04/2002

Kei and Naoki are childhood friends who are recruited into a government-supervised group called Spirits. Spirits members are trained to defend the Earth against mysterious attackers by piloting the Devadasy, a powerful mech discovered by Kei's grandfather. But a lot of things about the Devadasy remain unknown, and that void could cost lives...
Devadasy is a three episode OAV series about kids piloting a humanoid mech (called Devadasy) in order to save mankind from some mysterious and powerful enemies. Sound familiar? Well, the popular opinion of Devadasy I've encountered thus far is that it's an Evangelion rip-off.
Rip-off or not, Devadasy comes nowhere near Evangelion in terms of plot, characters, and artistic merits. The story develops at a snail's pace and there are just way too many plot holes for anybody's good. Kei and Naoki are recruited by Ms. Takashina, a Spirits officer. The two jump at the chance faster than you can say "aye!" and they are taken to the headquarters for training and assignment. Unlike the Eva Units however, the Devadasy needs one male pilot and one female occupant in order to function because it supposedly runs on sexual energy. Although the pair assigned to the Devadasy don't do anything kinky like shag inside the cockpit, they feel strangely aroused and sexually excited whenever they are inside.
Characterization is paper thin and leaves something to be desired. Kei is an enthusiastic trainee who is attracted to an enigmatic girl named Amala. Amala is a strangely beautiful girl of few words who has some sort of intimate connection with Devadasy. Naoki is the jealous girl-in-love-with-her-friend type who wants Kei for herself but won't admit it outright. That's it. We get almost no background information on the characters; much less any real insight to what drives them to do what they do.

The art and animation are basically okay, I guess. I wasn't too fond of the overly round and cutesy-looking character designs (the one and only attractive looking character for me was Amale), and the mecha aspects were just too reminiscent of Evangelion. Surprisingly there is quite a bit of nudity and a few sexual scenes, albeit by no means in the level of hentai works. I should also mention that seiyuu Kotono Mitsuishi (also Misato in "Neon Genesis Evangelion") plays Amale.

Devadasy is overall disappointing to say the least. The premises are undoubtedly similar to Eva, and even when Devadasy attempts to throw in something original it fails because the plot is hollow to start with. The excruciatingly slow pace doesn't help things much either. Too many unanswered questions and unexplained events remain, even after the lame and unexpected happy ending of sorts. Just go watch Evangelion.

Devadasy consists of three 20+ minute episodes.

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Sosei Seiki Devadasy
75 Minutes
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1.5 out of 5 stars
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Young Adults
Action, Ecchi, Mecha,
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