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Crest of the Stars
Reviewer: Jack Taggart 01/21/2002

Jinto Lin's life changes forever the day that the alien race known as the Abh invade his home planet of Martine. Without firing a shot, the Abh take over. As the result of a peace settlement, Jinto suddenly finds himself as a new member of alien royalty! Now Jinto must leave his home and go far away to study and learn about a lifestyle he never imagined... or wanted.
Although Crest of the Stars is made up of thirteen episodes, there are no fillers and it's really like just one long movie. Crest of the Stars will keep you glued to the screen from the beginning. In the first volume, we are introduced to Jinto -- a human with high position within the Abh. Even though Jinto is an Abh by law, humans look at him as little more than a trader and not all the Abh accept him as royalty. Another main character is Lafiel, a very regal and beautiful Abh girl who is in line to become the queen. Things just continue at a great pace from here on, and the main objective of the series is for Lafiel to transport Jinto from Martine to his new home and school, so he can live and study with the Abh. But who would've guessed that a war would get in their way?
The art and animation are excellent. The English dubbing is great, and each character has a voice that fits him/her perfectly. If you buy the first volume, make sure you're ready to get the rest of them because once you start; you'll want to finish it right away! Crest of the Stars keeps you wanting more and wondering what's going to happen to Jinto and Lafiel. While there is some action in this series and the battleship fights are very military-ish, Crest of the Stars is above all else a well-written and in-depth story. The only things I don't like about this anime are the opening and ending songs... but other than that, Crest of the Stars is one great show.
No, Lafiel is not an elf!

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Review Title:
Crest of the Stars
Alternative Titles:
Seikai no Monshou
325 Minutes
General Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Action, Adventure, Drama,
Military, Romance, Sci-Fi
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