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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 07/15/2003

Colorful is a vast collection of various perverse antics that every peeping Tom, Dick, and Harry can probably relate to. Its got everything from panties, bras, to bleeding noses and drooling tongues. For sure a voyeur's dream come true...
Do you like panties? Um, let me rephrase... do you absolutely adore, worship, and crave panties? Would you give anything just to be able to get a peek at any form of female underwear? If you answered all the questions with a big resounding yes, then this anime is for you. Perv... uh, nevermind.
Colorful is made up of 16 episodes, each of which is approximately 5 minutes long. Every episode opens with a brief prologue of what's to come, and then you're subjected to this weird opening sequence which is a psychedelic mix of freaky but catchy music and fan service infested visuals which made me wonder what they had been smoking when they made it. Colorful is not as disjointed as you'd initially make it out to be because more or less the same set of characters would appear in the episodes -- a couple of overly hormonal students (one of which is named Itani, heaven knows what the other one's name is), a drooling coach and his cute star athlete Aki Yamamoto, a curvaceous English teacher, Steve the perverted gaijin (foreigner) whose aim is to catch the beauty of Japan (i.e. panties) on film... etc. Each episode is referred to as a Color, and each Color is about a voyeurism-related misadventure or simply just voyeurism itself.
Since every episode was just more of the same thing over and over, I got bored with Colorful all too quickly. It got to a point that trying to finish it felt like a torturous task that had to be accomplished just so I could publish this review. Most of the stories, if you can even call them that, were just plain dumb... so much so that they weren't even funny. I was on the verge of writing Colorful off as a total loss when something interesting popped up by Color 15. It was a very humorous and entertaining story about winning prize girls from a magazine contest. It came as a surprise, but these guys could actually come up with something worthwhile if they wanted to. Still, 5 minutes out of nearly 2 hours of running time is a pretty bad ratio. If you're familiar with MTV's long lost show Beavis and Butthead, Colorful is sort of similar to it, the main difference being I found Beavis and Butthead to be more humorous overall.
The art and animation are a mixed bag. I liked the female character designs and I thought all the ladies featured looked exceptional. Everything else was rather substandard though, with crudely drawn male characters and sparsely rendered scenes. Another gripe I have is how the English dubbed dialogues differed dramatically from the subtitles. What was being said did not match the text I was reading for most part, and I was confused as to which set of dialogues to follow. That aside, the English dubbing was done quite well.
Colorful may be considered as a brilliant effort at artistic expression by some, but to me it's just an overload of bras, panties, cleavages, legs, nosebleeds, sweatdrops, bulging eyeballs, and so forth. If this is art then anyone who can string together a bunch of panty shots while adding some graphic effects is a freaking artist. To reiterate, I'd only recommend this if you answered yes to the first three questions I asked at the beginning of this review. Otherwise, forget it.
The DVD has a lot to offer in terms of extras: artist interviews, trailers, clean opening and ending sequences, etc.

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96 Minutes
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1.5 out of 5 stars
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Young Adults
Comedy, Ecchi, Slice of Life
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