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Burn Up W
Reviewer: Brian Katchmar 12/31/1999

For the terrorists in Neo-Tokyo, Team Warrior is not a force to be taken lightly. Team Warrior is a special SWAT team which consists of five ladies and one man. There's Maki, the cool and collected leader; Rio, the sexy main character; Maya, the sadistic and violent assault force; Lilika, the lovely hacker extraordinaire; Nanvel, the gadget master; and the cowardly but lucky son of a gun Yuji -- who gets to be near so many beautiful women. Team Warrior handles crimes that are too big for the police to handle. But they meet their match with the VDS (Virtual Drug Syndicate). The VDS has developed a new type of drug that can be described as a "brain-washer." Can Rio and the rest of the team bring the VDS to justice? Or will they be defeated by its clever mastermind? Find out in this 4-episode OAV series!
Only one word can describe this anime -- adrenaline. Loaded with action and female sex appeal, it's an anime for all thrill seekers. When I say sex appeal, I'm dead serious. If you are a male who has a problem keeping your hormones under control then you will be as good as dead halfway through the series (editor's note: The ladies in this series are all very well-endowed and they flaunt it!).
The action is nothing less than spectacular. There are gun fights and explosions in every episode. The story itself is not too well conceptualized. Burn-Up W serves as some sort of prologue for the TV series "Burn-Up Excess". Characterization is rather poor as well. Not much is revealed about the characters. It is mainly Rio whom we learn a lot about. There's also a bit of exposure for her would-be boyfriend, Yuji. But all the other characters seem to have is a one-minute scene which gives you an idea of what their personalities are like. Yet overall, I liked this anime... and I can't wait for ADV to release the TV series, which they do have plans for. Burn-Up W is definitely not for kids, I'll tell you that. The violence is pretty intense and the nudity is quite revealing.
Evangelion fans beware, Nanvel's "El Huggunte" is way too similar to Eva Unit-01. Both the DVD and the English dubbed VHS contains all the episodes.

Burn Up W
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Review Title:
Burn Up W
Alternative Titles:
Burn Up! W, Burn Up! Warrior
110 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Young Adults
Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi
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