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Blue Seed
Reviewer: Apatt Seriniyom 12/02/2000

Momji seems like a regular school girl, but what she doesn't know is that she is actually a descendant of the Kushinada Dynasty. Momji is destined to save the world from plant monsters called Aragami. This is because Kushinada princesses have a special property in their blood that can be used to put the Aragami to an eternal sleep. Unfortunately, this particular usage of their blood entails that the princesses be sacrificed! One day Momji is accosted by a strange plant-man named Mamoru Kusanagi who, after making some rude remarks about her choice of underwear, tries to kill her. Momji is saved in the nick of time by TAC (Terrestrial Administration Center), a secret government organization. In school, she is attacked by an Arigami and is saved by the very same Mamoru Kusanagi who tried to murder her earlier that morning! During the battle with this Aragami, Momji also saves Kusanagi by intercepting an attack meant for him. In the process, she is implanted with a little blue seed -- giving her the ability to sense the presence of an Aragami before it appears. Momji's gesture reverses Mamoru's intention to kill her, and from that moment on he decides to be her protector instead, and thus begins a beautiful relationship...
Blue Seed is another fine work from talented manga author / artist Yuzo Takada, best known for the series "3x3 Eyes".
As with "3x3 Eyes", Blue Seed's plot is very deep. While the manga by Yuzo Takada spans only two volumes, the first Blue Seed anime series spans 26 episodes. Inevitably, with so many episodes based on a mere two volumes of manga there is some padding and plot alterations, with some episodes self-contained and done in a "one-shot" manner. However, the anime never fails to entertain. The characterization is top-notch (a must for any worthwhile anime), as it is faithful to the manga (except for one minor character called Sakura who is altered almost beyond recognition).
The only real criticism I have for the Blue Seed anime is the artwork. While it is still quite pleasant to look at, it lacks the finesse of Mr. Takada's work. This is the same problem which plagues the otherwise excellent "3x3 Eyes" anime. Blue Seed is packed to the gills with action, excitement, romance, and more than a few surprises. This series is by no means a no-brainer, you do have to pay attention and apply the little gray cells a bit, otherwise you can get lost in the story's complexity.
Overall, Blue Seed is an original, interesting and intelligent piece of work, as you'd expect from the fertile imagination of Yuzo Takada. Definitely a thinking fan's anime.
The story of Blue Seed is based on an ancient Japanese Kushinada Legend, a charming story involving a god, a girl and an eight-headed dragon.

Blue Seed
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Review Title:
Blue Seed
Alternative Titles:
Aokushimitama Blue Seed
650 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Action, Adventure, Comedy,
Drama, Ecchi, Romance,
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