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Battle Athletes
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Akari Kanzaki is thrilled when she is accepted as a student at the USSA (United Systems Sports Academy). Her mother, the legendary record-breaking Cosmos Beauty Tomoe Midoe also trained there during her younger days, and Akari is determined to do better. Female students from all over the galaxy go to the USSA for training, in the hopes of winning the ultimate competition known as Daiundokai and be crowned the Cosmos Beauty. Will Akari be able to follow her mother's footsteps?
I've watched the Battle Athletes Victory TV series a few years back, but despite all the praises and positive feedback it got from people I know it didn't really do anything for me. Given that, I was really not expecting much from the Battle Athletes OAV series. But surprise surprise... I actually liked Battle Athletes.
Battle Athletes is about a teenage girl named Akari, who is a newcomer at the prestigious USSA (also known as the University Satellite). Akari subsequently gets grouped together with Kris, a rather strange but kindly girl from the moon, and the shy and softspoken Anna. Battle Athletes' plot isn't exceptional. We have a whole bunch of Cosmos Beauty aspirants who are determined to win, and a heroine living in her mother's shadow. What really makes this series are the characters. You just have to love everybody, from Akari's group to the super athlete Lahri, her underhanded rival Mylandah, and the somewhat lecherous USSA principal whose name escapes me. Humorous situations arise (like Kris suddenly doing a nude spiritual dance in front of a terrified Akari and Anna) ever so often, spicing things up and leaving you craving for more by the end of each episode. And just as they can make you laugh, these characters are versatile enough to make you feel sad or angry in another instance.
The art and animation are above average at best. The character designs are beautiful but kind of wasted because the characters themselves are inconsistently drawn. I wasn't really bothered though, since the series as a whole more than makes up for any visual shortcomings. I should also mention that the sporting events featured here are not nearly as outrageous as those you'd see in the TV series, and that there is a bit of fan service -- boobs, legs, butts, and bath scenes.
Battle Athletes is a very good series overall. While I wasn't exactly jumping for joy at the bittersweet ending, it was admittedly appropriate. If you want something funny and unique, this is one to pick up.
Battle Athletes is composed of six episodes.

Battle Athletes
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Review Title:
Battle Athletes
Alternative Titles:
Battle Athletes Daiundoukai
180 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Action, Comedy, Ecchi,
Game, Sci-Fi, Shounen,
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2. Lunar Legend Tsukihime
3. Tenchi in Tokyo
4. Metal Fighter Miku
5. Slayers: The Motion Picture