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Battle Athletes Victory
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 03/07/2001

The year is 4998. Akari Kanzaki is just one of over a hundred girls who want to be the Cosmo Beauty -- the most prestigious sporting event title in the universe! But the klutzy Akari just seems to succeed in failing one test after another in training school. It also doesn't help that she's the daughter of the most famous Cosmo Beauty ever, Tomoe Mido. With Akari's constant bad luck and all the pressure she's under, can she make it to the competition? More importantly, will she pass the next make-up exam?
A lot of friends encouraged me to watch Battle Athletes Victory 'cause they found it so good. Well, the first few eps didn't really do much for me... but then that's what usually happens when you start something with higher than normal expectations.
The plot's seeming simplicity hides a lot of very interesting twists and surprises, but characterization is where Battle Athletes Victory truly shines. Battle Athletes Victory has a huge number of characters (almost all female). The Cosmo Beauty aspirants hail from different parts of the world, and they are presented in a satirically stereotypical fashion. This is clearly meant to enhance the comedic aspect of the series, and it works! Jessie from the USA is a golden-haired perfect All-American girl. Ayla from Russia is reserved and about as cool as a Siberian ice field. Tanya from Africa is a dark-skinned cat-girl who's as agile as a cheetah. The heroine, Akari, is a clumsy but kind-hearted Japanese girl who seems to tap into something special whenever there's serious trouble afoot. This is to say the least a bit like Sailormoon's Usagi and and Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka. Yes, Akari can do great things, given the right stimulus. She isn't really a likeable heroine at first, but she does improve and grow on you as Battle Athletes Victory progresses.
The sporting events featured are nothing short of creative... sometimes even downright bizarre. But then there are also normal events like swimming. Be warned that Battle Athletes Victory also contains some lesbian themes. The art and animation are excellent -- very crisp and vibrant. The English dubbing is so-so. I'm disturbed by the big dialogue difference in the dubbed and subtitled versions. The dub contains stronger language, which isn't usual, as dubs are usually tamer than subs.
While I'm still not as impressed with Battle Athletes Victory as my friends were, it is admittedly above average. If you want something on the lighter side, something cute and unique, you could give it a shot.
Prepare to watch and get acquainted with girls, girls, and more girls.

Battle Athletes Victory
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Review Title:
Battle Athletes Victory
Alternative Titles:
Battle Athletes Daiundoukai
520 Minutes
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Suitable For:
Older Children
Action, Adventure, Comedy,
Drama, Game, School,
Sci-Fi, Shounen, Sports
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