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Animetric is your one stop shop for all types of Japanese multimedia reviews and streaming hentai clips and trailers. Serving the fandom for over a decade now, we have over 700 reviews ranging from anime, manga, and live action titles to more adult goodies, including hentai, erotic doujinshi / HCG sets and bishoujo games.  Plus you can utilize the streaming hentai clips and trailers section to help you find what tickles you fancy!  If you're a fan of Japan, we're here to help you find what's good and avoid what's not.  And best of all, if you don't see a review for something you would like to know more about, the Animetric forums are a great place to inquire about any movie, series, or game whether it's adult or not! Or send me an e-mail and I'll do what I can to help you out. It's what I'm here for ^.^

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Squid Girl
Anime Review of Squid Girl posted on 05/27/2012
Fed up with mankind polluting her precious ocean, a cute undersea squid known as Squid Girl decides to take measures into her own hands and invade those who would contaminate her home. Unfortunately for her, this task may be more than a little ambitious, even if her initial aims arenít all that grandiose.
Anime Review of K-ON! posted on 03/27/2012
I'd like to welcome Michael to Animetric as the newest reviewer to the site! He'll be focusing on Anime and Manga titles so hopefully I'll be able to get in there with some hentai ones every now and again.
Reviewer Help Needed
Reviewer Help Needed posted on 03/04/2012
Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men...  I have still not found a couple (let alone one) new reviewer for the site after all these months sadly.  I had a few people who looked like they might work out but that didn't quite happen as you can see from the lack of new reviews.

As such I am renewing my seach for some new reviewers for the site.  If you're interested in writing for Animetric please contact me here with an example of your writing (a review or some such so I can see your style and quality), how frequently you would be able to write for the site and what areas you would primarily write on (anime, mange, hentai, B-Games, some combination therein, etc.).  I may be able to periodically provide reviewers with b-games, dvd/blu-ray sets and whatnot to review for the site as well if they're interested.

Thank you very much for taking the time and I look forward to hearing from those who're interested!
Anime Review of Noir posted on 11/02/2011
Weíre immediately introduced to our main character; the Corsican-born, Paris-dwelling Mireille Bouquet whoís a gun-for-hire with a dark and tragic past (what little of it we see anyway). In the first episode we meet her target, Kirika Yuumura, an amnesiac teenager whose only memories are of the name ďNoirĒ and of her incredible skill at killing. The two quickly become partners, though Mireille swears to finish the job assigned to her once Kirika regains her memories.
Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki: The Animation
Hentai Review of Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki: The Animation posted on 09/16/2011
Based off an erotic doujinshi of the same name, Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki focuses on a number of titillating adventures involving the sexual exploits of two sibling princesses who absolutely adore a little hanky-panky.
Hentai Review of Temptation posted on 04/02/2011
When Professor Ayabe spied one of his students masturbating in the collegeís storage room he was understandably intrigued, if not a little aroused, by the succulent pleasure unfolding before his eyes. It was only after he heard her calling his name that everything changed, as his initial sexual apprehension was quickly subdued by a little female-inspired coercion. Unfortunately for the timid Professor, this whole dream situation was just that, as he now finds himself being blackmailed into training various school girls into being obedient little sex slaves to be sold off to the highest bidder...
Zenith Chronicles
Bishoujo Game Review of Zenith Chronicles posted on 02/18/2011
Zenith Chronicles is the first release from Mango Drop Games and is a bishoujo-esque title that gives you both an in-depth storyline along with a plethora of sidescroller action to test your mettle. You assume the role of the wandering sellsword Dain who, along with his female companion Alija, offer up their unique skills to any who will pay a pretty penny to see their troubles resolved.
Hentai Review of Cambrian posted on 01/21/2011
Many years ago Keikoís professor and mentor, Dr. Haruhiko Yamagishi, was expelled from academia after he tried to create a human clone. While this may have hampered his research momentarily, it never stopped his desire reignite the same hyper level of human evolution that happened during the Cambrian period some 10,000 years ago. Now, as his research nears completion, heís going to use his former student and love interest Keiko as his final test subject in his perverse experiment.
Shoyjo Koakuma Kei
Hentai Review of Shoyjo Koakuma Kei posted on 01/18/2011
Kyouichi has always been a successful businessman, but after starting a secret prostitution ring out of his luxurious mansion the money, and favors, are just rolling in. Now he has high class clients and business associates coming from all around to taste his exotic selection, but his most recent acquisition seems to be off the menu...
Gakuen Shimai
Hentai Review of Gakuen Shimai posted on 01/15/2011
Sousuke has always been a bit of a nerd who loves to take candid photos of pretty girls, especially when it comes to his school idols Arisa and Mika Nanase. His chances of ever speaking to, let only getting with either of them are near nonexistent, but it seems fate has finally smiled upon him. For his father and their mother, both of whom are working in South America, have suddenly decided to get married! Now Sousukeís wildest dreams are suddenly coming true...
Tower of Etruria
Hentai Review of Tower of Etruria posted on 01/12/2011
With his daughter having been captured by the witch Etruria and enchained in her monster filled tower, the Kingís last hope rests with the insurmountable prowess of the wandering knight Albion. With Princess Ceceliaís hand in marriage as the prize, Albion is quickly off as he slaughters hundreds of monsters on his journey to rescue her. But when Albion comes face to face with this so-called witch, who happens to be Cecelia in disguise, thatís when things get interesting.
The Duchess of Busty Mounds
Hentai Review of The Duchess of Busty Mounds posted on 01/09/2011
When news came of the death of his father, John was quite relieved. Heíd blamed his father for his motherís suicide since he was just a boy, and those feelings of animosity had never waned as the years wore on. Itís only when he headed back home to attend his fatherís funeral that he finally met his stepmother Silvia, who just happens to look exactly like his actual mother did all those years ago. That wasnít his only surprise however, for he soon learns that his father, in his great generosity, had disinherited them both...
My Life As... (2nd Opinion)
Hentai Review of My Life As... (2nd Opinion) posted on 01/06/2011
Yasunariís been living on his own for the past six months after having escaped his broken home and abusive father following his parentís divorce. At first he didnít have anywhere to go, but when two lovely college students, Fumi and Rino, found him in utter desperation, they couldnít help but take him in. They didnít just take him in as a member of their family however; they took him in as their pet. Now heís not just helping around the house but heís more or less their obedient sex slave.
Hentai Review of Genmukan posted on 01/03/2011
Short on work and low on cash, Detective Satoru Kido is having trouble finding a reason not to take a case involving a missing jewel on a private island estate. What he doesnít realize is just how far down the rabbit hole truly goes, as he encounters a host of shady characters who all seem to have something to hide...
Hentai Review of Aneimo posted on 01/01/2011
After taking a spill on his bike to avoid running over a cat, Takumiís sacrifice was justly rewarded when Saori, a sweet young girl around his same age, came over to help him up. This fortuitous encounter may have been more than just chance however, as Takumi returns home to find that same girl sitting at his kitchen table! It's not tough to guess what happens next...
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